5 Reasons Why Your SME Business Needs IT Support

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Think IT Support is just for large, corporate companies? Think again!

Whether you’re a titan of industry, or a small mom- and- pop family business, IT Support can be acutely beneficial. Tailored to your business’s unique needs, IT Support ensures business’s keep abreast with ever- changing technology, remedy problems before they happen and can significantly boost workplace productivity.

Unfortunately, small- to medium-sized businesses tend to overlook these benefits, mostly due to perceived cost. While an investment, the ROI and long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. If your business hopes to compete today, top notch IT Support is a necessity.

Here are 5 Reasons why your SME Business Needs IT Support:

  1. Access to the Latest and Greatest Technology 

New, cutting-edge, business-grade technology! Your IT Support team will bring you to the forefront and maximize your business potential. It will leverage effective tools that maintain profitability, such as cloud computing, remote monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery. These technologies can be utilized to advance business goals and seek further areas for expansion and growth. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep a competitive place in the market by relying on the tech that large, successful companies are employing.

  1. ROI

Spending money on IT Support may initially seem like a costly investment, however the value far exceeds the cost in the long run. IT department budgets can be extensive and never-ending: hardware costs, software and network infrastructure costs and maintenance costs, to name only a few. Furthermore, the cost of IT department staff is substantial for any business. Hiring, training, managing staff in an ever-evolving arena such as IT can be financially taxing. Think about the cost of benefits, training, sick leave, vacations? With IT Support, you have an all- inclusive IT department at your fingertips, without these expenses! You won’t have to worry about unexpected monthly incidentals such as repairs and dodgy software malfunctions as well as technology updates. You will play a flat rate that doesn’t change, no matter the financial season.

  1. Enhanced Security

Data Security is priority for any small business – and rightly so. The business world has gone digital with laptops, smartphones, applications, servers, operating systems, browsers, wearable technology and so forth all storing and transmitting copious amounts of valuable, confidential data. This requires stringent security methods. With IT Support, you’ll keep the confidential customer and company data secure and safeguard your business against crippling cyber attacks.

  1. Peace of Mind

Daily IT operations can be stressful – and problematic. Peace of mind is one of the top benefits of IT support. An extra team of IT experts on stand- by can help remediate work-place issues quickly and effectively, saving a business countless hours of IT headaches. After all, the last thing a CEO wants to do is spend valuable time verifying that backups have worked or worrying about the speediness of a network connection.

  1. Workplace Productivity

Did you know that a single hour of downtime can cost the average business hundreds of thousands of Rand? System crashes are an unfortunate reality- especially when a business has become dependent on their IT system. IT Support companies help predict, identify and solve problems to prevent major losses from occurring. They will also constrain data loss risks by providing the latest in malware protection, robust data storage, event-monitoring software, and firewalls. As a result, your business can focus on its core competencies and strengths, rather than on IT issues.

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