7 common computer problems with solutions

WiFi router problems

We all go through similar struggles when it comes to computers, so we’ve compiled a list of 7 common problems and their solutions. Some issues can be fixed without having to call your computer support company, if you know what to do, of course.

Before you do anything drastic like throw your computer against the wall in hopes of the problem being resolved, try figuring out if it’s a hardware or a software problem.

Hardware problems:

Hardware in computer terms refers to the actual device, such as your hard drive, laptop or any of the peripherals, like the keyboard, mouse or printer.

Software problems:

On your computer’s hard drive is a whole bunch of applications that have been installed, from the operating system, such as Microsoft Windows to applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) and other common software applications including TeamViewer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Anti Virus software and more.

Let’s dive right into common computer problems and solutions:

1. My computer will turn on, but my screen won’t.

Step 1: Check that the HDMI cable or monitor cable is connected securely.
Step 2: Make sure your monitor is switched on and the power light is on.
Step 3: Hold your power button down for 30 seconds to ensure it shuts down and restarts properly.

2. My computer is underperforming and is operating slowly.

Your computer can be underperforming for many reasons and it could either be caused by the Hardware or software. One thing you can try do is make sure that there aren’t too many applications or website tabs open at once. Make sure you have enough storage because that plays a major role in the functionality of your PC. Restart your computer daily so to ensure unused background applications are closed.

3. My computer keeps restarting.

This is generally a software problem and so the first place you must look at is the software updates or your antivirus programmes. Try running a virus scan and check for Windows Updates or application updates.

4. My downloads are taking too long.

This could be a hardware problem or your internet connection might be too slow or faulty. Make sure you have enough storage and that your hard disk is fully functional. Restart your router and restart your computer.

5. My computer keeps freezing.

Make sure you have updated all software on your PC and scanned for any viruses. Perform a full restart or shut down instead of only putting the computer to sleep.

6. My computer keeps showing popups.

There’s a good chance that you have installed a program that has something called “Adware” which allows for unwanted ads to pop up. Use your anti-virus software to scan for Adware. Or go to the settings in your web browser and look for any suspicious-looking add-ons and disable them.

7. Problem: My Wi-Fi is slow or keeps disconnecting.

Solution: Make sure your Wi-Fi router is in range and you are close to it. If you see the signal on your device is only showing 1 or 2 bars, then your signal is weak, which can cause it to go slow or disconnect. If you have a dual-band router, use the 2.4g WiFi connection if you are further away or the 5g connection, when you are close to the router. If you are still too far from the router, you will need to expand your network by adding a range extender or a 2nd router.

If none of these computer hardware or software solutions worked, then give Complete IT solutions a call. If your business is in the Cape Town area, we can send a support technician to try and resolve your IT problems or we could assist you remotely.