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5 Advantages of Reliable Tech Support

Reliable tech support should be a given. 1) Increases Communication Communication is a very important part of any business because businesses thrive on relationships. Employees in SMEs often communicate with clients or among themselves using computers 70% of the time. A professional tech support team can help you to improve communications to increase productivity for […]

Five common IT problems and how to resolve them

1) I’m unable to log in? This is easily fixed – Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything such as Caps Lock , Grammar and spelling when entering your login details/password. Another reason is your password may have expired, or your account may have been locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts if this occurs […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about Office 365

Microsoft Office is used by 1.5 Billion people making it one of the most popular software suites in the world. Businesses nowadays rely on the suite’s tools to communicate, create/save documents as well as balance their books. But there’s a lot more to Office than you realize, particularly since the release of Office 365. If you […]

Email Backups – Never Lose An Email Again

Losing important documents can be stressful, overwhelming, time-consuming and extremely frustrating! – but how prepared are you for what comes next? According to research, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds so a little forward thinking never hurts anybody. Backing up your data is like an insurance policy. We hope we don’t ever need it […]

7 common computer problems with solutions

We all go through similar struggles when it comes to computers, so we’ve compiled a list of 7 common problems and their solutions. Some issues can be fixed without having to call your computer support company, if you know what to do, of course. Before you do anything drastic like throw your computer against the […]

Protect your business – before it’s too late.

We all use digital devices for different reasons, take our mobile phones, for example, we use them to chat, and to take amazing selfies. We even save our bank details and important documents on our phones and computers but most importantly client information, business documents, or even pictures of our little ones growing up.  The […]

Still Not Using Office 365? Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Right Now!

You’ve heard about it from your business colleagues, employees, friends. The email system sounds great, but you’re still reluctant to implement it. Is it really necessary for a small business to change systems anyway? To put it this way: every day you go with out it, you are losing efficiency and risking safety! The chances […]

5 Reasons Why Your SME Business Needs IT Support

Think IT Support is just for large, corporate companies? Think again! Whether you’re a titan of industry, or a small mom- and- pop family business, IT Support can be acutely beneficial. Tailored to your business’s unique needs, IT Support ensures business’s keep abreast with ever- changing technology, remedy problems before they happen and can significantly […]