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Firewall Protection

A firewall is a security tool, either computer hardware or software, that can assist in safeguarding your network by filtering traffic and preventing unauthorised access to the personal information on your computer by outsiders. What is a firewall used for, and how does it work? A firewall acts like a gatekeeper, tracking attempts of unwelcomed […]

Email Protection

Businesses exchange emails and attachments containing sensitive data internally and externally daily. Email encryption ensures that only the intended receiver can see email content. However, unencrypted emails can be read and exploited in phishing attempts by hackers and cybercriminals. WHO CAN READ PROTECTED MAIL Only individuals with the decryption key can read encrypted emails. The […]

Birthday Celebrations

The month of May, Complete IT Business Solutions celebrates its 20th birthday! As a business, we may be twenty years old, but as a team, we are young, dynamic and innovative, constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of our industry, offering our valued clients IT support that is up-to-date, industry-relevant and on point! Management […]

Why Outsourcing your I.T needs is Beneficial for your Business

Why should you outsource your I.T.? The two main reasons for outsourcing your company’s I.T. is cost and time-saving! Outsourcing can help save your company money by not hiring additional employees, not increasing the hours your employees are currently working and not having to buy new software with every advancement. Each person in your team has […]

Does the POPI Act Affect Sending Emails to your Clients?

The yes or no about sending an email As we all know, with new rules come new limitations.  With these limitations comes the fear of pressing the SEND button. But, do we need to be wary or do we simply need to be aware! The straightforward answer is regarding sending emails – BE AWARE! Must […]

Mianzo Asset Management Showcase

What were the technical challenges you were experiencing previously? When the company initially started, we had no IT infrastructure. We used our home equipment to run the business. Then, so many technical challenges came along. We needed to ensure that we partner with a trustworthy and reliable company that creates that technical cover we required […]

How safe is your data?

‘How safe is your data’ is like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’, we assume there is no accurate answer… How wrong we are to assume that! Smaller businesses, operational anywhere, from commercial premises to your living room, are all at threat and our data, entered into our machines from wherever needs to […]

How safe and reliable are Cloud Storage and data-sharing?

Flop Proof? How safe and reliable is cloud storage? Do you think cloud storage is hack free and watertight, or are you living with your head in the clouds? While cloud storage keeps your data secure from fires, floods, hurricanes and computer meltdowns, it is still vulnerable in the sense that it is in the […]

Cybersecurity is critical while working remotely

Cybersecurity – first things first, get protected! Understanding remote working and the cybersecurity awareness that goes with that is the first step in protecting your business! Your business is to make sure all employees know that data security is a priority. Believe it or not, some employees today might still not be aware that data […]