Protect your business IT infrastructure by investing in a monthly support contract

Computer Support Contract

Most businesses are driven by an IT infrastructure, which includes your workstations, email, network, printers, security and protection of data.  By paying a monthly fee for a support contract, you can leave the IT responsibility with a professional support company, while you concentrate on running your business.  Your IT support company will ensure your network is protected with anti-virus software, live monitoring and data backups. Maintenance and support tasks are performed regularly to make sure your computers and network systems are running at optimum levels.

Think of it as having your very own IT manager that can also assist you with your IT strategy, planning, budgets and support.

5 reasons to invest in an IT support contract:

1. Protect your network and workstations from viruses

Your IT support company will ensure your network and workstations are protected from viruses by monitoring your network and by making sure all the latest anti-virus protection utilities are up to date.

2. Preventative Maintenance

As software changes, preventative maintenance methods are used to re-engineer and restrict software to easily adapt to all the changes. This aids in preventing errors and issues that might occur at a later stage and ensures that your computer system runs optimally

3. Save costs

The most expensive aspect when coming to IT support is not the contract itself but rather the time that your staff can’t work, think about it, your biggest expense is your salaries and by not having working computers your staff are unable to be productive. If you invest in a support contract many IT issues can be prevented before any real damage occurs and keeps your staff happy and productive.

4. Save time

We all have businesses to run and time is important to us.  If you network goes down or you experience any technical issues, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to find a support company, get quotes and try get your issues resolved.  Your IT support contract covers you when your systems go down and the technical team will make sure you are up and running as soon as possible.

5. Improve performance

Your support company will ensure that all your systems are functioning properly and that your network performance is optimised. By implementing very strict preventative maintenance processes you will start to see the benefits of improved workflow.

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