Five common IT problems and how to resolve them

1) I’m unable to log in?

This is easily fixed – Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything such as Caps Lock , Grammar and spelling when entering your login details/password.

Another reason is your password may have expired, or your account may have been locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts if this occurs try and reset your password.

2) The Blue screen of death!

Simply rebooting can fix the blue screen of death. This problem is usually related to hardware or a driver that is not working correctly. It usually happens after you install a new piece of hardware or update some drivers, or if there are pending updates that you haven’t installed.

It’s helpful to tell your IT support company what you did just before the error occurred, they will be able to assist and diagnose the problem.

3) Computer does not recognise a USB device?

First things to check are:

1) Does the device work in a different USB port on the computer?

2) Are other devices recognised in that port?

3) Does the device work on another computer?

If you have tried these troubleshooting methods and still no luck, then your IT support company can proceed with some more in-depth troubleshooting.

4)Your computer just shuts down unexpectedly?

This could be related to overheating. Check your computer for dust, and make sure it is in a cool and ventilated place. If this is not the issue, then it is likely that your hardware could be failing or it could be virus problem. Disconnect the PC from any networks and call your IT Support experts, they will be able to assist you in fixing the problem.

5)Your internet is really slow

If you’re connecting wirelessly, then the location may be the problem. The signal is not necessarily strong in all corners of the building. Try rebooting your network router and you can also run a speed test at If the speed is significantly slower than what you are paying for, then call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to troubleshoot with them. If the speed test is good but your webpages are running very slow, you could have some malware or viruses affecting your internet speed.

Try running an antivirus scan on your computer. If this doesn’t resolve the problem then call your IT support company.