Cybersecurity – first things first, get protected!

Understanding remote working and the cybersecurity awareness that goes with that is the first step in protecting your business! Your business is to make sure all employees know that data security is a priority. Believe it or not, some employees today might still not be aware that data security is something they should be concerned about, at both personal and professional levels.

Many employees might assume that if they are not working directly with customer data, they don’t need to worry about cybersecurity. Don’t assume your team understand cyber threats.

Where to start with getting protected?

The best place to begin is by establishing a cybersecurity policy. Ensure all new and existing employees review and sign the policy, regardless of whether they work remotely or not.

The policy document should delve into the following; the reasoning behind having a policy in the first place and details outlining all of the various security protocols employees are expected to comply; how the company will support them in complying; and a place for the employee to sign their commitment to following the policy. This buy-in is crucial in data security.

Ensure all Internet Connections Are Secure

Working remotely means that your staff use an internet connection that you as a business may not have supplied. Everyone needs to get out of the house now and then as a remote worker, and the lure of the local coffee shop — with the camaraderie of other remote workers and your favourite hot beverage — can be the perfect break.  Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network is the most common way to expose your company to a data security breach.

Encourage your staff to use a VPN. Before signing on to public Wi-Fi networks, VPNs will encrypt the remote worker’s internet traffic and monitor for any signs of infection.

Password please or NO ENTRY!

Password safety is another relatively easy way to protect your organisation’s data. Many people joke about password safety, admitting they use the same password from device to device and program to program, but educating remote workers about password protection is key to securing your company’s data. Give your employees training on password importance. Start with the basics of keeping passwords strong and why it’s essential not to use the same one repeatedly.

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Zone Security

We met Zone Security through a Networking Database called SCnet (Supplier Chain Network) and they have been a client with us since May 2020.


1. What were the technical challenges you were experiencing previously?

Support issues with regards to our internet connectivity and backup power supplies. We could hardly get hold of our previous IT suppliers and the turnaround time for resolving issues was tediously long.

2. How has Complete IT Business Solutions changed the way Zone Security does business?

As our business grows, we know that we can rely on Complete IT to develop our foundation as we need it without hassle.  As an all-round support provider, Complete IT gives us the peace of mind to grow bigger and faster.

3. What are the benefits of choosing Complete IT Business Solutions as your technical support provider?

Instant access! Complete IT ensures we can reach their support techs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  As a 24 hour business, this is critical for us.

4. What are the key offerings that appeal to Zone Security most?

Complete IT are a “one-stop-shop” whether it be a technical support query, advice on new software or hardware, installations, setups or tests that need to be run – it’s as simple as one call away.

5. Please comment on the service Zone Security has received from Complete IT Business Solutions?

We had many teething issues with our new foundation setup when we changed premises; however, Complete IT was definitely up for the challenge.  We received competent, professional and fast service with each and every request.

6. Any other information will be appreciated

Anthony and team have been wonderful to work with, and we are glad to have chosen them as our support provider.  We are immensely grateful for the role they have played in the growth of our business. Their client communication and quality service will see us recommending their services for many years to come.

We thank Zone Security and Dylan Williams for answering these questions candidly, and we look forward to continuing to offer them a superior service, helping their business flourish.

Zone Security can be reached here if you see a need for their services:

Website  Facebook

Should you see synergy within this case study or require IT solutions and services, please do reach out to the team at Complete IT Business Solutions. We look forward to helping your business.

For more about what we are about and what services we offer, do reach out to us by heading on over to our about and services pages or simply giving us a call on +27 21 556 3524.

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WhatsApp privacy policy

In this digital world we live in; there will always be a few niggles and worries creeping in. The WhatsApp debacle regarding their new policy was the most recent, and boy did it cause an up-in-arms reaction.  And, mostly because the public didn’t understand the policy, or more accurately, that WhatsApp owners didn’t communicate it accurately and, to be honest, very tactfully.

As a company dealing with tech and digital issues daily, we thought we would explore what actually the whole WhatsApp privacy policy issue was about.  And, more importantly, as we are very aware of how vital it is to protect your data, we thought it a good idea to educate our valuable clients.  We want to point out that we are in no way supporting or knocking WhatsApp and their policy – we simply want to communicate the facts.

WhatsApp’s Policy

As communicated by WhatsApp in January, the policy is quite lengthy, so we have attempted to summarise as best we can.

WhatsApp users have until the 8th of February 2021 to accept the policy in order to continue using the messaging platform.  Should you not wish to accept their policy, you can simply delete your account.  You will see this message pop up:

“By tapping AGREE, you accept the new terms and privacy policy, which take effect on February 8, 2021. After this date, you’ll need to accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp. You can also visit the Help Center if you would prefer to delete your account and would like more information.”

WhatsApp privacy policy

The Key Changes in their Privacy Policy

  • The new updates include more information about the WhatsApp service provided and how it processes data;
  • Partnering with Facebook is a big one, where Facebook’s hosted services store and manage WhatsApp chats (this is not new really – if you’ve ever added someone to your WhatsApp, you more than likely will see Facebook suggesting to befriend that same person on their platform);
  • The new policy looks at how WhatsApp partners with Facebook with regards to offering integration across the Facebook Company;
  • The big one is about how and why they collect data from you – their words, “WhatsApp must receive or collect some information to operate, provide, improve, understand, customise, support, and market our Services, including when you install, access, or use our Services.

The types of information we receive and collect depend on how you use our Services. We require certain information to deliver our Services, and without this, we will not be able to provide our Services to you. For example, you must provide your mobile phone number to create an account to use our Services.” Understandably, all platforms collect your data when you choose to sign up with them.

You can read the full privacy policy info here from WhatsApp.  Another useful reference to read up on is here.

In a nutshell, while your data sharing is apparent, it isn’t that different across many other platforms. What you need to be aware of is what data you are sharing with the platform.  And, while WhatsApp declares they are not storing the content in your messages for onward use, we can only recommend you don’t message very private and confidential information. E.g., bank details, passwords, and login details to other platforms.

As always, be aware of what platforms you sign up with, and if you are at all unsure, you can reach out to us.  Although we are not consultants or affiliates of WhatsApp or its partners, we will always attempt to help you with tech.

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Oh, the joys of sitting down and enjoying a sip of your favourite drink whilst you wait for the fish to bite! “Open your eyes, yes, you!” No, we are not really fishing; however, and ironically, if you do not open your eyes and become more aware of another form of fishing, you will not be having a good time at all.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a form of cybercrime where a target or targets are contacted by email, text, or telephone by someone posing as a legitimate institution. Their goal? To lure individuals into handing over sensitive data such as personal or company identifiable information, passwords, credit cards, and banking.

How to be more aware of Phishing?

  1. Phishing emails and text messages often look like they are from a company or individual you know and trust. You may have seen emails where it appears to be from your bank requesting information from you. These are the most dangerous;
  2. Phishing emails and text messages often come with a lengthy explanation encouraging you to click on a link or open an attachment. If it seems at all odd, do not open or click;
  3. They often tell you that they have noticed suspicious activity or log-in attempts against your account (which is the ultimate eye-blind), and want you to confirm your personal information so they can help you;
  4. Phishing emails will often include a fake-looking invoice which you immediately want to click on;
  5. Some phishing emails or messages will tell you that you have qualified to receive a government refund;
  6. The email may offer you a coupon where you can receive free stuff.


What steps to take to protect yourself and your business against phishing attacks

  1. Before clicking on anything, first, contact the third party with the contact details you usually use. Then, validate if they sent you any emails or SMSs that requires personal information;
  2. Educate yourself and your staff about the dangers of phishing attacks. Teach them how to recognise these emails and messages (we run a fantastic Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program);
  3. Protect all your computers by using updated and automatic security software;
  4. Look after your mobile phones by ensuring you have the latest and automatically-updating software;
  5. Safeguard all your online accounts by upgrading to multi-factor authentication. This is where two or more credentials are needed in order to log in, and this could be a password married with a pin code or for phones, often a fingerprint or face recognition software. Multi-factor authentication deter scammers from logging in to your accounts;
  6. Back up your data on all devices. Make sure those backups are cloud-based and not linked to your home connection. (Dropbox and OneDrive are not backup solutions)

If you are at all unsure or suspicious about a possible phishing attack, please do reach out and let us assist you.

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We believe in growing to change!

Besides the obvious reasons (which many are not even aware of), we moved from a CC (Close Corporation) to a Pty (LTD) (Proprietary Limited).

For many, this may seem like a mundane and generally obvious move, but it was quite a monumental growth move for us.

While the benefits of moving from CC to Pty (LTD) were good – the growing to change benefits were:

  • As a Pty (LTD) is seen as a separate juristic person, it meant our shareholders had limited liability when it came to the company’s debt – great news!
  • No limitation on how many shareholders we could have – great growth move right there!
  • Obtaining funding became easier as we could essentially barter our company’s equity as surety – good options!
  • Matters pertaining to management, governance, and control are all laid out in the memorandum of incorporation.  This is important when there is more than one shareholder. All the shareholder’s rights, duties, exit strategies, and funding obligations are carved out and clearly defined – no confusion or fights here!
  • A private company need not have independent reviews and can employ internal accounting staff – a significant time and cost factor, in fact!

Okay, so now we have given you a brief lesson on why moving over to a Pty (LTD) is a good idea for factual reasons alone; here is why it has been a more significant growth factor outside of that.


Why we moved over to a Pty (LTD)

For us, it speaks volumes about our growth and willingness to change, even after almost two decades in business.  It is very easy to get stuck in one’s ways. To do just what you did last year and the year before that because it worked.  That cliché?  “Don’t fix what ain’t broken”.  Well, nothing was broken here at Complete IT Business Solutions, but it certainly needed a little maintenance and revamping.

Our growth potential has increased phenomenally. We have more options. We are more attractive to possible investors, suppliers, and of course, to our customers.

This business format’s structure has proven an eyeopener for us.  We do feel more in control, ready to take on more challenges, larger clients, and bigger projects.

A simple and progressive move? Yes! A growth and change-ready mindset? Most definitely!

For more about what we are about and what services we offer, do reach out to us by heading on over to our about and services pages or simply giving us a call on +27 21 556 3524.

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Putting your client or customer first seems like a no-brainer, and there is no doubt that it is a key to business success. One of the main advantages of a client-centric business approach is that it builds lifetime value and client loyalty. And this in return, will improve business growth.

So, what exactly is a client-focused way of doing business? It provides a positive experience for the client before and after the sale/service has happened in order to create repeat businesses and boost client loyalty.

Our client-centric best practices

Often it is easy to see if a business is client-centric in areas like marketing, customer service, and product development. Let’s take a look at examples of how Complete IT Business Solutions runs a client-focused business:


We focus our product and service development on meeting our clients’ needs. We don’t necessarily believe our clients should look at updating their products and services or improving on things that are working well.


We listen to our clients and take note of what they are happy with and what they want to improve on. With this in mind we are able to configure products and services to their liking – from processes to user interfaces.

It is becoming more and more challenging to acquire new clients, so we believe it makes the most sense to invest in our existing clients. By being client-centric, we understand why clients stay, and what makes them leave. This knowledge will help our business to keep growing and unlock the potential of customer value.

The Complete IT Business Solutions’ foundational vision

The foundation of Complete IT Business Solutions’ vision is a client-focused business approach. We strive to remain highly competitive in the information technology sector by forging collaborative relationships with our clients and suppliers. With our innovative mindsets, we aim to offer value beyond the required bottom line.

If you feel frustrated or perhaps don’t understand your IT infrastructure, Complete IT Business Solutions offer a client-centric approach. Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all solution, we create solutions that fit your unique needs and requirements.

We continuously use a logic-based and structured process.  We take the time to understand why we are doing something, as we know that this builds trust with our clients.

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holistic IT solution

Being a business owner in these trying times can be stressful. Not only do you need to ensure your company has what it takes to succeed, but you need to be inventive and forward-thinking. Enough to manage global pandemics now too. A holistic IT solution is required.


A Holistic IT Solution

One business methodology that is very popular at the moment is having a ‘holistic business approach’. Basically, this means that one must consider the entire business in all its processes and policies.  It’s easy to only focus on one specific component at a time. A holistic approach is one way to make sure your company is running at its full potential. So, by focusing on all areas of your business, you will have a strong company.  Rather than having strong areas within your business. Makes sense, right?

This is how Complete IT Business Solutions practices. At the core, what we offer is IT support to all major centres nationally.  How we do it is interesting. When we go into a discovery consultation with a new client, we look at the business holistically. Because, as business owners ourselves, we also ‘get’ business.

Our owner, Anthony Lai Lam, says, “Our holistic business approach and relationship-building makes our business unique. We are open-minded and have a strong understanding of business, always looking to create the ideal environment for our clients.”

Having an understanding of the entire business and how it operates is what guides Complete IT Business Solutions in coming up with the best holistic IT solution for each company we work for. It just doesn’t make sense to consider only one portion of a whole. “We often discuss and work through business problems with our clients.  This allows us to be able to create IT business solutions together.”

Another aspect to Complete IT Business Solutions’ business strategy is developing and helping people reach their potential. Why this is so beneficial is that it produces a knowledgeable and productive team. And, the end product of such a well-developed team is that they are good at creating holistic IT solutions. They can see the whole and the bigger picture.

holistic IT solution

How can we help you?

If you are feeling frustrated or perhaps don’t understand your IT infrastructure, Complete IT Business Solutions can help. We are good at sorting out the mess, and we always charge for precisely what is due. A continuously logic-based and structured process is what we believe everything business needs.  A business has a start, middle and end.  We take the time to understand why we are doing something, as this builds trust.

To engage and find out how our holistic IT solution can benefit your business, please reach out to us today.

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phishing scams

The COVID-19 pandemic has had such far-reaching effects that fraudsters are stepping in and taking advantage. How? Cyber-attacks come in many packages from phishing scams and fraudulent products to insolvency fraud and misappropriation of assets. The demand for PPE has created a perfect environment for cybercriminals to develop fraud schemes. And, South Africa has seen plenty of cyber-attacks recently.

Currently, with the way businesses are operating – with staff working from home – many employees are more susceptible to fraud such as phishing scams, vishing, and zoombombing. Many companies have had to attend to quick internal changes for their business to cater to remote working. In their haste, they may have underestimated the importance of IT security tools or how remote working limits these.

Phishing Scams

Email phishing scams are carried out online by tech-savvy fraudsters and identity theft criminals. What they do is use fake websites that look identical to real websites and emails. In this way, they trick employees into divulging sensitive information. And then what? Well, it’s not just about stealing your money, they can also use your information to create fake accounts in your name, ruin your credit, and steal your identity.

South Africa’s Latest PPE Procurement Scam

The most recent phishing scam has been tricking companies that supply PPE goods and services to government. In this case, it was face masks. National Treasury has put out a notice warning suppliers of the phishing scam. The scam came in the form of receiving a fake Request For Quotations requesting provision of face masks, disposable aprons, safety goggles, PVC books, gloves, and sanitisers. With a very scary twist, when one goes to search for the specific item in question (and, often the RFQ is for a very specific PPE), you are taken to a website which has an amazing special on that item.  So, it stands to reason that these phishers have researched thoroughly on this particular scam.

It’s important to remember that the onus remains with suppliers to ensure the RFQs are legitimate and need to verify their validity themselves. Fraudsters are using departmental letterheads to send out fake tenders to companies and requests to supply equipment and goods.

The National Department of Health has alerted the relevant law enforcement authorities to investigate the scam. If you suspect that you are a victim of a scam urgently contact the police and the NDoH.

How to Identify a Phishing Scam

Phishers often look legitimate – with their website looking real and their message seemingly genuine. Here are some tips for identifying a scam:

  • Requests for confidential information come in over email or instant message;
  • The use of emotional language, scare tactics or short deadlines to meet; often gets you to respond quickly;
  • Misspelled URLs and the use of sub-domains for example correct domain for Department of Justice – – what a typical fraudster would use could be Both are valid and usable domains, but the one is totally fake.
  • Links within the body of a message;
  • Lack of personal greeting or customised information;
  • Contact person’s name and telephone number don’t correspond to the correct business details;
  • Banking details of fraudsters are in a private name, not a business name, however not always. We have seen a fraudster that set up a valid company with a proper company bank account with Nedbank.

How can we help you?

At Complete IT Business Solutions, we offer a system audit and can set your business up with top IT security tools, antivirus software protection, firewall, and anti-spyware protection to ensure you avoid cybercriminals and threats to your business. Let us worry about the technical part, while you focus on the critical things.

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Reliable tech support should be a given.

1) Increases Communication

Communication is a very important part of any business because businesses thrive on relationships. Employees in SMEs often communicate with clients or among themselves using computers 70% of the time. A professional tech support team can help you to improve communications to increase productivity for the business.

2) Optimizing, and Repairing

Having a tech support team means that the company will be up and running faster should you experience a network or computer crash. Troubleshooting also doesn’t mean just fixing and repairing. A really good IT support company can optimize computer hardware and systems so everything runs faster and more efficiently, they also can recommend the best anti-virus programs to protect the company’s vital business data including documents, emails etc.

3) New and improved IT solutions

Tech support stays up-to-date on the newest software and hardware available. If your company is losing some productivity due to the inefficiency of computer programs, hardware or your network, tech support can help. They will also be able to introduce the latest and newest types of technologies.

4) 24-hour monitoring with reliable tech support

A great advantage of using a good tech support company is they should have network monitoring systems to detect any network issues or downtime. Having a tech support company watching your back can help your business. Early detection of network problems can ensure that the issues are resolved quickly. This is extremely vital for businesses trying to get across important documents to clients, employees etc.

5) IT is Becoming More Complex

Information technology is rapidly becoming more complex, and the ability of SME’s just to keep up is becoming more difficult. Applications, databases and software are transforming the face of business IT and SME’s aren’t always equipped to keep up with constant changes.

There are many advantages to having reliable tech support.  If you want to increase the productivity of your business, get in touch with your local computer support company and look at what options they have to offer, including monthly IT support contracts.


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