Cybersecurity is critical while working remotely


Cybersecurity – first things first, get protected!

Understanding remote working and the cybersecurity awareness that goes with that is the first step in protecting your business! Your business is to make sure all employees know that data security is a priority. Believe it or not, some employees today might still not be aware that data security is something they should be concerned about, at both personal and professional levels.

Many employees might assume that if they are not working directly with customer data, they don’t need to worry about cybersecurity. Don’t assume your team understand cyber threats.

Where to start with getting protected?

The best place to begin is by establishing a cybersecurity policy. Ensure all new and existing employees review and sign the policy, regardless of whether they work remotely or not.

The policy document should delve into the following; the reasoning behind having a policy in the first place and details outlining all of the various security protocols employees are expected to comply; how the company will support them in complying; and a place for the employee to sign their commitment to following the policy. This buy-in is crucial in data security.

Ensure all Internet Connections Are Secure

Working remotely means that your staff use an internet connection that you as a business may not have supplied. Everyone needs to get out of the house now and then as a remote worker, and the lure of the local coffee shop — with the camaraderie of other remote workers and your favourite hot beverage — can be the perfect break.  Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network is the most common way to expose your company to a data security breach.

Encourage your staff to use a VPN. Before signing on to public Wi-Fi networks, VPNs will encrypt the remote worker’s internet traffic and monitor for any signs of infection.

Password please or NO ENTRY!

Password safety is another relatively easy way to protect your organisation’s data. Many people joke about password safety, admitting they use the same password from device to device and program to program, but educating remote workers about password protection is key to securing your company’s data. Give your employees training on password importance. Start with the basics of keeping passwords strong and why it’s essential not to use the same one repeatedly.

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