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‘How safe is your data’ is like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’, we assume there is no accurate answer…

How wrong we are to assume that! Smaller businesses, operational anywhere, from commercial premises to your living room, are all at threat and our data, entered into our machines from wherever needs to be adequately protected!

Back up your data; somewhere other than in the sky

Create a backup copy of your data, and do this at regular intervals. Store it somewhere other than your primary workplace, if possible. That way, if there’s a break-in, fire or flood, you don’t lose everything.

Remember, if you’re using an external device as your backup, you’ll probably want to encrypt it.

Take care when working remotely.

Working remotely is a norm for many of our staff and something like data security wasn’t given much thought when COVID-19 struck! It is never too late though so if you, or people you work with do their work remotely, make sure the devices you use are as secure as the equipment you use in the office.

You lock your front door, don’t you?

When leaving your home, your lock your door! Your personal belongings are housed there, and you want to protect them. Do the same with your computer and make sure your staff do the same. Taking steps to lock your screen when you leave your desk is a simple thing to do but will prevent someone else from accessing your computer.

Make sure you know who knows what!

You have to restrict who has access to your IT systems and buildings – you can’t let just anyone in because this will leave your systems vulnerable. The fewer people with access, the better. Ensure you limit IT access to people who work for you, where possible. If a staff member leaves your company or is absent for long periods, perhaps suspend their access to your systems.

We can offer you backup solutions to ensure your data remains safe on site and off.

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