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Businesses exchange emails and attachments containing sensitive data internally and externally daily. Email encryption ensures that only the intended receiver can see email content. However, unencrypted emails can be read and exploited in phishing attempts by hackers and cybercriminals.


Only individuals with the decryption key can read encrypted emails. The sender encrypts the email with the public key; the recipient decrypts with the private key. In today’s digital age, email is a common attack vector. As a result, most businesses integrate Microsoft Office 365 and other email security tools into their email architecture.

Theft of sensitive data via email can undermine a company’s ability to communicate safely with customers, coworkers, investors, etc. Email encryption protects this info. In addition, advanced email safety solutions protect you from email threats, prevent data loss due to network or email server problems


Businesses often email ID numbers, bank account details, credit card numbers, and financial terms. Unencrypted email passwords risk identity theft. If a malicious actor gets a person’s username and password, they can send phoney messages. Only the intended recipient may read encrypted emails addressed to them.

By installing an email security system, businesses can help employees distinguish genuine, legitimate senders from spam or phishing emails.

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