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Cloud storage

Flop Proof?

How safe and reliable is cloud storage? Do you think cloud storage is hack free and watertight, or are you living with your head in the clouds? While cloud storage keeps your data secure from fires, floods, hurricanes and computer meltdowns, it is still vulnerable in the sense that it is in the hands of a third-party system.

Security measures are configured to protect cloud data, support regulatory compliance, protect customers’ privacy, and set authentication rules for individual users and devices. From authenticating access to filtering traffic, cloud security can be configured to the exact needs of the business.

But can we secure our data offline, and why should we?

Yes, absolutely!

Off-site cloud data backup tends to be more secure and reliable in comparison to traditional methods. The procedure for off-site cloud data backup is automated, which means all of your data will be backed up at regular intervals, typically every day or whatever works best for your business.

The best feature of an offline cloud backup is that they let you restore a system as per the last backup, and you can complete the restore far faster and more efficiently!

Cloud storage is more reliable when used in tandem with another storage system.

How can we use the Cloud for data-sharing?

Using shared files and storing them into Cloud data-sharing applications like Dropbox, SharePoint or One Drive,  you can ensure that anyone you give access to can quickly locate the files through a web-based platform.

Sharepoint is one of the best web-based collaboration platforms to use within a working environment. Benefits are such as easy data-sharing, centralised administration, improved data management and simplified business functions.

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Zone Security

We met Zone Security through a Networking Database called SCnet (Supplier Chain Network) and they have been a client with us since May 2020.


1. What were the technical challenges you were experiencing previously?

Support issues with regards to our internet connectivity and backup power supplies. We could hardly get hold of our previous IT suppliers and the turnaround time for resolving issues was tediously long.

2. How has Complete IT Business Solutions changed the way Zone Security does business?

As our business grows, we know that we can rely on Complete IT to develop our foundation as we need it without hassle.  As an all-round support provider, Complete IT gives us the peace of mind to grow bigger and faster.

3. What are the benefits of choosing Complete IT Business Solutions as your technical support provider?

Instant access! Complete IT ensures we can reach their support techs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  As a 24 hour business, this is critical for us.

4. What are the key offerings that appeal to Zone Security most?

Complete IT are a “one-stop-shop” whether it be a technical support query, advice on new software or hardware, installations, setups or tests that need to be run – it’s as simple as one call away.

5. Please comment on the service Zone Security has received from Complete IT Business Solutions?

We had many teething issues with our new foundation setup when we changed premises; however, Complete IT was definitely up for the challenge.  We received competent, professional and fast service with each and every request.

6. Any other information will be appreciated

Anthony and team have been wonderful to work with, and we are glad to have chosen them as our support provider.  We are immensely grateful for the role they have played in the growth of our business. Their client communication and quality service will see us recommending their services for many years to come.

We thank Zone Security and Dylan Williams for answering these questions candidly, and we look forward to continuing to offer them a superior service, helping their business flourish.

Zone Security can be reached here if you see a need for their services:

Website  Facebook

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For more about what we are about and what services we offer, do reach out to us by heading on over to our about and services pages or simply giving us a call on +27 21 556 3524.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Complete IT Business Solutions family.