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Why should you outsource your I.T.?

The two main reasons for outsourcing your company’s I.T. is cost and time-saving!

Outsourcing can help save your company money by not hiring additional employees, not increasing the hours your employees are currently working and not having to buy new software with every advancement.

Each person in your team has limited time; allowing them to do what they do best and not get distracted by complex I.T. problems; saves them time, with their core focus remaining on the business success – not the backend success!

Reduced Downtime in your Business

An effective managed I.T. support provider will be able to respond to I.T. issues promptly, reducing downtime and disruption in your business operations.

This benefit positions your business to get more work done with fewer interruptions.

Hiring and Training I.T. Staff can be very Time Consuming and Expensive

Employing someone qualified for various I.T. skillsets can be very difficult, too. Outsourcing gives you access to a team of experts with a higher level of skill and technological know-how, providing your business and your staff the best service and expertise at a reduced rate.

As a support contract client, we become your I.T. department and you have access to your very own I.T. manager to assist you with your I.T. strategy, planning, budgets and management.

By outsourcing your I.T. functions, you allow a professional I.T. Services company to do what they do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

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holistic IT solution

Being a business owner in these trying times can be stressful. Not only do you need to ensure your company has what it takes to succeed, but you need to be inventive and forward-thinking. Enough to manage global pandemics now too. A holistic IT solution is required.


A Holistic IT Solution

One business methodology that is very popular at the moment is having a ‘holistic business approach’. Basically, this means that one must consider the entire business in all its processes and policies.  It’s easy to only focus on one specific component at a time. A holistic approach is one way to make sure your company is running at its full potential. So, by focusing on all areas of your business, you will have a strong company.  Rather than having strong areas within your business. Makes sense, right?

This is how Complete IT Business Solutions practices. At the core, what we offer is IT support to all major centres nationally.  How we do it is interesting. When we go into a discovery consultation with a new client, we look at the business holistically. Because, as business owners ourselves, we also ‘get’ business.

Our owner, Anthony Lai Lam, says, “Our holistic business approach and relationship-building makes our business unique. We are open-minded and have a strong understanding of business, always looking to create the ideal environment for our clients.”

Having an understanding of the entire business and how it operates is what guides Complete IT Business Solutions in coming up with the best holistic IT solution for each company we work for. It just doesn’t make sense to consider only one portion of a whole. “We often discuss and work through business problems with our clients.  This allows us to be able to create IT business solutions together.”

Another aspect to Complete IT Business Solutions’ business strategy is developing and helping people reach their potential. Why this is so beneficial is that it produces a knowledgeable and productive team. And, the end product of such a well-developed team is that they are good at creating holistic IT solutions. They can see the whole and the bigger picture.

holistic IT solution

How can we help you?

If you are feeling frustrated or perhaps don’t understand your IT infrastructure, Complete IT Business Solutions can help. We are good at sorting out the mess, and we always charge for precisely what is due. A continuously logic-based and structured process is what we believe everything business needs.  A business has a start, middle and end.  We take the time to understand why we are doing something, as this builds trust.

To engage and find out how our holistic IT solution can benefit your business, please reach out to us today.

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phishing scams

The COVID-19 pandemic has had such far-reaching effects that fraudsters are stepping in and taking advantage. How? Cyber-attacks come in many packages from phishing scams and fraudulent products to insolvency fraud and misappropriation of assets. The demand for PPE has created a perfect environment for cybercriminals to develop fraud schemes. And, South Africa has seen plenty of cyber-attacks recently.

Currently, with the way businesses are operating – with staff working from home – many employees are more susceptible to fraud such as phishing scams, vishing, and zoombombing. Many companies have had to attend to quick internal changes for their business to cater to remote working. In their haste, they may have underestimated the importance of IT security tools or how remote working limits these.

Phishing Scams

Email phishing scams are carried out online by tech-savvy fraudsters and identity theft criminals. What they do is use fake websites that look identical to real websites and emails. In this way, they trick employees into divulging sensitive information. And then what? Well, it’s not just about stealing your money, they can also use your information to create fake accounts in your name, ruin your credit, and steal your identity.

South Africa’s Latest PPE Procurement Scam

The most recent phishing scam has been tricking companies that supply PPE goods and services to government. In this case, it was face masks. National Treasury has put out a notice warning suppliers of the phishing scam. The scam came in the form of receiving a fake Request For Quotations requesting provision of face masks, disposable aprons, safety goggles, PVC books, gloves, and sanitisers. With a very scary twist, when one goes to search for the specific item in question (and, often the RFQ is for a very specific PPE), you are taken to a website which has an amazing special on that item.  So, it stands to reason that these phishers have researched thoroughly on this particular scam.

It’s important to remember that the onus remains with suppliers to ensure the RFQs are legitimate and need to verify their validity themselves. Fraudsters are using departmental letterheads to send out fake tenders to companies and requests to supply equipment and goods.

The National Department of Health has alerted the relevant law enforcement authorities to investigate the scam. If you suspect that you are a victim of a scam urgently contact the police and the NDoH.

How to Identify a Phishing Scam

Phishers often look legitimate – with their website looking real and their message seemingly genuine. Here are some tips for identifying a scam:

  • Requests for confidential information come in over email or instant message;
  • The use of emotional language, scare tactics or short deadlines to meet; often gets you to respond quickly;
  • Misspelled URLs and the use of sub-domains for example correct domain for Department of Justice – someone@health.gov.za – what a typical fraudster would use could be someone@dohgov-za.co. Both are valid and usable domains, but the one is totally fake.
  • Links within the body of a message;
  • Lack of personal greeting or customised information;
  • Contact person’s name and telephone number don’t correspond to the correct business details;
  • Banking details of fraudsters are in a private name, not a business name, however not always. We have seen a fraudster that set up a valid company with a proper company bank account with Nedbank.

How can we help you?

At Complete IT Business Solutions, we offer a system audit and can set your business up with top IT security tools, antivirus software protection, firewall, and anti-spyware protection to ensure you avoid cybercriminals and threats to your business. Let us worry about the technical part, while you focus on the critical things.

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Computer Support Cape Town

Think IT Support is just for large, corporate companies? Think again!

Whether you’re a titan of industry, or a small mom- and- pop family business, IT Support can be acutely beneficial. Tailored to your business’s unique needs, IT Support ensures business’s keep abreast with ever- changing technology, remedy problems before they happen and can significantly boost workplace productivity.

Unfortunately, small- to medium-sized businesses tend to overlook these benefits, mostly due to perceived cost. While an investment, the ROI and long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. If your business hopes to compete today, top notch IT Support is a necessity.

Here are 5 Reasons why your SME Business Needs IT Support:

  1. Access to the Latest and Greatest Technology 

New, cutting-edge, business-grade technology! Your IT Support team will bring you to the forefront and maximize your business potential. It will leverage effective tools that maintain profitability, such as cloud computing, remote monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery. These technologies can be utilized to advance business goals and seek further areas for expansion and growth. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep a competitive place in the market by relying on the tech that large, successful companies are employing.

  1. ROI

Spending money on IT Support may initially seem like a costly investment, however the value far exceeds the cost in the long run. IT department budgets can be extensive and never-ending: hardware costs, software and network infrastructure costs and maintenance costs, to name only a few. Furthermore, the cost of IT department staff is substantial for any business. Hiring, training, managing staff in an ever-evolving arena such as IT can be financially taxing. Think about the cost of benefits, training, sick leave, vacations? With IT Support, you have an all- inclusive IT department at your fingertips, without these expenses! You won’t have to worry about unexpected monthly incidentals such as repairs and dodgy software malfunctions as well as technology updates. You will play a flat rate that doesn’t change, no matter the financial season.

  1. Enhanced Security

Data Security is priority for any small business – and rightly so. The business world has gone digital with laptops, smartphones, applications, servers, operating systems, browsers, wearable technology and so forth all storing and transmitting copious amounts of valuable, confidential data. This requires stringent security methods. With IT Support, you’ll keep the confidential customer and company data secure and safeguard your business against crippling cyber attacks.

  1. Peace of Mind

Daily IT operations can be stressful – and problematic. Peace of mind is one of the top benefits of IT support. An extra team of IT experts on stand- by can help remediate work-place issues quickly and effectively, saving a business countless hours of IT headaches. After all, the last thing a CEO wants to do is spend valuable time verifying that backups have worked or worrying about the speediness of a network connection.

  1. Workplace Productivity

Did you know that a single hour of downtime can cost the average business hundreds of thousands of Rand? System crashes are an unfortunate reality- especially when a business has become dependent on their IT system. IT Support companies help predict, identify and solve problems to prevent major losses from occurring. They will also constrain data loss risks by providing the latest in malware protection, robust data storage, event-monitoring software, and firewalls. As a result, your business can focus on its core competencies and strengths, rather than on IT issues.

Need cost effective IT Support for your small to medium business? Contact Complete IT today!