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What were the technical challenges you were experiencing previously?

When the company initially started, we had no IT infrastructure. We used our home equipment to run the business. Then, so many technical challenges came along. We needed to ensure that we partner with a trustworthy and reliable company that creates that technical cover we required in our industry.

How has Complete IT changed the way you do business?

We have moved in leaps and bounds with the strategic planning, recommendations and proactiveness of CITS. They have created a stable and secure network to operate from. As a result, we can challenge major competitors with the IT infrastructure we have in our industry.

What are the benefits of choosing Complete IT as your technical support provider?

A very professional team that is dedicated to client service delivery and their contact centre is available at any given time. As a result, we benefitted from remote problem solutions with minimal interruption to our work day and the CEO is always available and shows interest in your business.

What are the key offerings that appeal to you most?

They have good products offerings with live monitoring and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Please comment on the service received from Complete IT.

Their product offerings are brilliant and add value to our business and their entire team is pro-active.

Any other information will be appreciated.

CITS is the real deal! A company that operates and delivers with integrity!


For more about what we are about and what services we offer, do reach out to us by heading on over to our About and Services pages or simply giving us a call on +27 21 556 3524.


We look forward to welcoming you into the Complete IT Business Solutions family.